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05-Mar-2018 Web-shop updated!

Finally! We have updated our merchandise shop with four new items, and more things are coming! Check it out:
02-Mar-2018 And here´s the video: Winners!

Our 3rd single "Winners" was released on March 2nd, and here´s the music video. The video was once again filmed and directed by Ted Lindén at Bullsize - Live Your Legend!
02-Mar-2018 New single: Winners!

Our third single "Winners" from our upcoming album "Silent Killer" was released today! Enjoy it on Spotify here:
The album is produced by A.W. Nine, Mustasch and Niclas Engelin, recorded by Rikard Löfgren and Oscar Nilsson at Leon Music and mixed by Oscar Nilsson at Crehate Studios and it is due for release on April 6.
02-Feb-2018 Fire - new music video!

Our 2nd single "Fire" was released on Februari 2nd, and here´s the music video. The video was recorded at John Dee in Oslo, and was once again filmed and directed by Ted Lindén at Bullsize - Live Your Legend, featuring the mighty Hank Von Helvete on vocals.
13-Oct-2017 Lawbreaker - new music video!

Our new single "Lawbreaker" was released today, and here comes the music video. The video was recorded in central Stockholm, and was filmed and directed by the mighty Ted Lindén at Bullsize - Live Your Legend.
13-Oct-2017 New Swedish tour dates!

Not only did we release our new single "Lawbreaker" today, but we also want to announce that we´re doing a co-headline tour together with Hardcore Superstar and with Entombed as main support!

March 9th: Karlstad, Nöjesfabriken
March 10th: Stockholm, Annexet
March 23rd: Malmö, Slagthuset
March 24th: Göteborg, Lisebergshallen

Tickets and info:
12-Oct-2017 Lawbreaker - new single out now!

Our brand new single "Lawbreaker" (written by Ralf Gyllenhammar) is now released. The track is taken from the upcoming album "GO", which will be released in early 2018. The album is produced by A.W. Nine, Mustasch and Niclas Engelin, recorded by Rikard Löfgren and Oscar Nilsson at Leon Music and mixed by Oscar Nilsson at Crehate Studios

Listen to "Lawbreaker" here:

Read the lyrics here:
30-Jun-2017 Norway mini-tour

Norway! We´re coming for you in November!
Nov 21: Oslo, John Dee
Nov 22: Bergen, Garage
Nov 23: Stavanger, Folken
01-May-2017 Finnish tour in October!

Not only do we play the John Smith Rock Festival in Laukaa (FI) on July 21st, we also have eight new club dates for you in October, all of them together with the mighty Heavy Tiger! Ticket sales starts tomorrow!
07-Apr-2017 New tour dates available!

We have lots of new tour dates for you this summer! Mostly Sweden, but Estonia, Finland and Spain gets a share too. More are coming, but check new dates here:
02-Mar-2017 Sweden Rock Festival confirmed!

We are now confirmed to play at the Sweden Rock Festival on June 7-10th. Always nice to back at Sweden´s finest hard rock festival!
04-Feb-2017 Änglahund on Spotify!

Our new cover "Änglahund" is now avalable on Spotify!
03-Feb-2017 New track: Änglahund!

Pop Music has infiltrated mainstream TV for way too long. It's time to bring back som Hard Rock to the people! Watch it all go down tomorrow on SVT, starting 20:00 (8 pm CEST).
23-Nov-2016 Midnight Runner in Europe and USA!

Good news, thirsty fans! You can now order our delicious shot "Midnight Runner" in Europe and North America through Metal and Wine.
15-Nov-2016 Nominated at Bandit Rock Awards!

We have been nominated for Best Artist at the annual Bandit Rock Awards, together with bands like Ghost, In Flames, Sabaton and Johnossi.
Go ahead and place your vote, folks!
05-Oct-2016 The Midnight Runner shot!

Yes!!! We have finally made our own liquor in form of a shot, flavored by licorice and violets, with our friends at Brands For Fans! Watch the video as we speak (in Swedish) of this amazing new product, and you can order it at Systembolaget in Sweden here:
04-Oct-2016 New song released!

New song released: "Midnight Runner"!
The track is sort of a leftover from the Testosterone-sessions, which we re-recorded with good help from producer Rikard Löfgren.
Music video at:
It´s also available at Deezer, Tidal and Google Play.
21-Sep-2016 New festival for next year...

A new festival was just confirmed for next summer: the John Smith Rock Festival in Laukaa (FI) on July 21st!
01-Sep-2016 Thanks Gain for your time...
We have decided to leave our record label Gain Music Entertainment, so we thank you for your time and wish you well. But we have lots of new stuff in the pipe, so keep an eye out ’cause this will be some exciting times! HMITN!
08-Aug-2016 New concert photos!

Awesome new concert photos by the talented Made By Rodolfi from our show at Skogsöjet in Rejmyre last Friday!
01-Jul-2016 Happy birthday Ralf!
20-May-2016 New press photos online!

Here are some excellent new press photos by the talented Made By Rodolfi!
10-Mar-2016 Bonafide feat. Ralf: Michelangelo!

Now the new single and video for ”Michelangelo” is released - a duet between Bonafide’s frontman Pontus Snibb and Ralf. The song is a cover of a track by legendary Swedish singer Björn Skifs (who topped the US charts with ”Hooked on a Feeling” in 1974), and the it was originally sung in Swedish for the 1975 Swedish Eurovision contest, where it however only placed 5th.

Björn Skifs: - What a tremendous version! Cleverly updated and what a powerful voice. That was really nice to hear!


At Sweden Rock Festival on June 8-11, Bonafide will perform ”Michelangelo” together with Ralf Gyllenhammar on stage for the first time.
25-Jan-2016 New photos from Backstage Halle, München...

Here are some great new vintage styled photos by Geschmacksrichtung Grün from our show at Backstage Halle, München a couple of weeks ago!
22-Dec-2015 Welcome to Mustasch, Robban Bäck!

After the last show of this year in Umeå, we asked Robban (drums) to join the band as a full time member, and we are proud to announce that he accepted the offer. Good to have you on board, buddy!
More info about Robban Bäck:äck
10-Dec-2015 New photos from Lokomotivet, Eskilstuna…

Here are some great new photos by Daniel Rodolfi from our show at Lokomotivet, Eskilstuna a couple of weeks ago!
22-Nov-2015 New Facebook pages for you...

Mustasch is expanding into new territories on Facebook, so please take your pick of the following pages:
16-Oct-2015 New music video: Yara's Song

Our new music video for "Yara's Song" is now available on our website, YouTube and Vevo, and once again directed by the mighty Patric Ullaeus of rEVOLVER.SE.
And you can find the lyrics for "Yara´s Song" here.
12-Oct-2015 Trailer for Yara's Song...

Our new music video "Yara's Song" will have its premiere on our Facebook page this Wednesday and on Youtube/Vevo on Friday. Did you know that the lyrics are based on a true story? If not, read about it here (in Swedish):
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